1999   In Beek and Donk in Brabant, R. Van Asseldonk and R. Van Boxtel set up a company that focuses on partition walls: ABK Kunststoffen. The choice for the company name stems from the names of the two gentlemen with the 'K' of Kunststoffen (Dutch for plastics) as the conclusion of the initials.
2002   W. Veens, former director of Veap Shield United, takes over ABK Kunststoffen. This company focused on aerodynamic applications for the transport world. With the merger of the two companies, new opportunities arose with regard to the development and upscaling of new products.
2003   A year later, ABK Kunststoffen leaves Brabant and moves to Kesteren. From now on, both companies are in one building. Here the foundation is laid for a growing synergy between the two companies.
2007   The combination is a success! The building in Kesteren is growing at the seams and it is decided to build a multifunctional building in Dodewaard. There are opportunities to grow and expand the company.
2008   The move to the multifunctional property is bearing fruit. ABK Kunststoffen literally pushes its limits with the sale of partition walls to foreign companies.
2015   ABK Kunststoffen is owned by G. van Kleef now. From this moment ABK Kunststoffen falls under the Dacomotive group.
2016   The success of the ABK Kunststoffen range is unstoppable. Due to the increasing growth of the company, the focus is sharpened on partition walls and glass look panels. With this ABK Kunststoffen goes back to its 'roots'. The success of the company is crowned in this year by the appointment of VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. This milestone is a recognition for the hard work that has been delivered in the years before.
2018   After two years of Partnership by Mercedes-Benz it is still not finished. Until 2021, ABK Kunststoffen will continue to receive this certification! The proven strength of the company is rewarded and offers new opportunities for the future.

The 'VanPartnership' by Mercedes-Benz is not the only recognition. We are proud that our work has resulted in the following certificates and approvals:

- NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015
- CoP

NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015
More information about our ISO policy can be found here.

The production process was assessed by the RDW and approved for production in accordance with the relevant type approval specifications.

This is the European recognition for CoP.