Partition wall B-Pillar

The B-pillar partition wall of ABK Kunststoffen prevents sliding or falling load, which guarantees the driver’s and co-driver’s safety. Besides, it meets all the CE standards. The extra depth of the wall provides more seating comfort. The partition of ABK Kunststoffen will be upholstered on the cab side, but can also be upholstered on the side of the cargo space for even more noise reduction. Finally, the cabin will be heated earlier in winter and cooled in summer.

Partition wall C-Pillar

The partition wall on the C-pillar of ABK Kunststoffen creates the best of both world. You will get all the advantages of the B-Pillar partition wall. However the C-pillar partition wall creates a double cabin, therefore you can also safely transport more people.

Glass look panel

The glass look panels are made of polyester or aluminium. The original window behind the C-pillar can be replaced for the burglar-resistant glass look panel. The aluminium panel is spray painted in RAL 9005 black. The polyester glass look panel needs to be spray painted before it is mounted on the vehicle.